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Republicans In On The Fix To Not Indict Hillary Clinton?

You read that right, Republicans in Congress are in on the fix to cover for Hillary Clinton... When FBI Director James Comey announced that he would NOT recommend indictment for Hillary Clinton, everyone who breathes oxygen immediately knew.

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Obama Plotting To Give Away Your Internet To The UN!

Senator Ted Cruz calls what Obama is doing a "great threat" and The Blaze also reports that Cruz claims it would "allow foreign governments to prohibit speech that they don't agree with."   

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An Obama Gun Confiscation Decree Is Now Imminent!

White House Press Mouthpiece Josh Earnest just confirmed what we feared during a press conference on Tuesday. As reported by Breitbart: "Earnest suggested that the president would again turn to executive authority to try and enact gun control policies on his own."

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Castro's Impact On Cuba Was The Same As Ebola's On West Africa

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