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No Wall, No Deal!

Minutes before President Donald J. Trump announced his compromise proposal to fix our broken immigration system and reopen the government, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer announced it was "dead on arrival" and called it "hostage taking." ...

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In The News Today

These Six RINO Senators Voted To Open The Government Without Border Wall Funding

Six Republican senators locked arms with Democrats on Thursday to advance a stopgap measure that would end the partial government shutdown without additional funding for President Trump's proposed border wall. Remember their names.   

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Kellyanne Conway Trashing Trump Behind His Back?

In the White House, "Kellyanne managed to land a job with no fixed responsibilities" and a huge office, where she could "just dabble in areas that piqued her interest," Sims writes. And one of those interests was leaking, a fact he learned firsthand.

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100 Illegals Caught On Camera Scaling Border Wall

What the headline neglects to stress is that these illegal aliens were caught because it takes time for 100 people to scale a wall... a testament as to why walls work. Walls slow people down, force them into chokepoints and to find alternate means of crossing. In short, they are a tremendous aid to border patrol agents.

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Iran Bombing Israel From Syria

We always knew that this was coming. We always knew that there would eventually be a war between Israel and Iran, but we had hoped that it could be put off for as long as possible. Well, now it appears that time may have run out.

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