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Impeach Obama

"We Must Have The Support Of The American People In Order To Have Impeachment." -Rep. Michelle Bachmann

No matter what you may NOT hear from the lame-stream media, the sad and unfortunate truth is that Michele Bachmann just hit the nail on the head... the ONLY thing prohibiting Congress from REMOVING Barack Obama TODAY is THEIR delusion that YOU WON'T SUPPORT IT.

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When Fox News' Ed Henry questioned Barack Obama on his regime's attempt to intimidate people into silence on Benghazi-gate, all he could do was stammer: "I am not familiar with this notion that anyone has been blocked from testifying... I'll look into it." But the jaw-dropped here is not that Barack 'Vito Corleone' Obama is essentially pleading the Fifth Amendment on his regime's attempts to muscle people into silence on Benghazi-gate...?


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Obama Proclaims: Let Them Die

"LET THEM DIE." If actions speak louder than words, then that's what Barack Obama said. 'Let Them Die.' And we're not just talking about the four Americans who were brutally killed in Benghazi, Libya. We're talking about the 20-30 other Americans who would have died if American heroes Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty had not DISOBEYED Team Obama's direct orders to stand down.

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Boehner Betrayal

As long as Harry Reid says it's okay, I'll fight tooth and nail to repeal ObamaCare. We'd have a lot more respect for Speaker of the House John Boehner if he actually had the integrity to say those spineless and cowardly words. But he won't. Instead, full of bluster and bravado, Boehner paraded before the cameras on CBS' Meet The Press... 

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More Birth Certificate Threats Emerge

"As evidence mounts that the "birth certificate" released by Team Obama is a "computer-generated forgery," even more shocking revelations are coming out that Barack Obama's surrogates and far-left power-brokers are engaged in a massive and tyrannical effort to silence the conservative media from reporting on Mr. Obama's eligibility. However, ....

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