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Secure Our Border

BREAKING: "Obama's New Border Security Plan Is Being EXPANDED To Allow Illegals In The United States To Bring Their Children, Their Adult Children, Their Grandchildren And Even Step-Parents Into The United States." -The Daily Caller.

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GrassTopsUSA Past Initiatives

Impeach Obama

Did you watch Barack Obama's press conference the afternoon after the election? Did you hear him say, on one hand, that he wants to work with Congress and THEN DEMAND that Congress either send an amnesty bill that is acceptable to him to his desk, or he WILL issue a dictatorial and unconstitutional amnesty decree?


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The Expatriate Terrorist Act

An Islamic Terrorist Attack on U.S. soil may be imminent and it's increasingly likely that it will come from an individual who resides in the United States... an individual who has travelled abroad to join a terrorist organization and comes back into the United States.

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Cuba Libre

So... Barack Obama is under the delusion that HE has the power to ORDER the "normalization" of relations with the repressive and totalitarian Castro Regime; and the fact that Obama has no constitutional authority to issue such an imperial proclamation isn't deterring him; and the pesky fact that his imperial decree is a direct violation of the law, isn't phasing him either. 

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Dump Boehner

He stabbed you in the back. He essentially gave you the middle finger. Instead of keeping his promise to stop the radical Obama agenda, he marshaled all of his resources and pulled every procedural maneuver out of his bag a tricks to fund ObamaCare and Obama's lawless Executive Amnesty Decree.

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Concord 1775 and Brexit 2016 The Empire Strikes Out

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