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Repeal ObamaCare Now!

We know some folks might be tired of hearing about this issue but we need to pull out all the stops. If you've sent Blast Faxes recently, please consider doing so again. If you haven't sent any Blast Faxes or made any phone calls... now is the time to do so...

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GrassTopsUSA Past Initiatives

Defund The UN!

The time to strike is now! For far too long, the United Nations has used your tax dollars in an attempt steal our wealth, empower our enemies and subvert our Constitution and it's time to pull the plug on this evil organization once and for all.   

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UN To Seize Internet Control!

The United Nations' move to seize control over your Internet is nearly complete! And the regime of Communist China is leading the charge and calling the shots... But first... there is another shocking development.

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GrassTopsUSA Exclusive Commentary
By Don Feder

America Won't Be Great Again Until We're Good Again

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