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Islamophobes Of The World Unite – You Have Nothing To Save But Your Heads!
By Don Feder

         We Islamaphobes are truly a loathsome lot – sowing dissention and hatred wherever we go. But Peter Burr, M.D., recently elected chair of the Williamson County, TN. Democratic Party, is on our case.

         Last week, Geert Wilders, a member of the Dutch parliament and a trenchant critic of Islam, spoke at two events in Nashville.

         In a commentary in the Tennessean (“Outside Agitators Should Not Define American Values”) Burr excoriated Wilders in language Democrats usually reserve for the Tea Parties and the Boy Scouts of America. Anyway, I thought “outside agitators” became passé with Spiro Agnew’s departure from the national scene.

         “When did hatred of other races and religious faiths become a ‘traditional value’ in America?” Burr plaintively inquired. Wilders is a “Sharia scaremonger” who’s on a “crusade to save white, Christian culture from the infidel,” the doc charges. Did they teach biology when Burr went to med school? Someone needs to tell him that Islam is a religion – not a race – whose adherents (as well as its critics) come in a variety of colors and sizes.

         The retired physician proceeded to provide a lesson in democracy and tolerance: “Our Constitution says all men are created equal. (It’s unsurprising that a Democrat wouldn’t know the difference between the Constitution and Declaration of Independence.) Moreover, spiritually, we are all God’s children” – the last proclaimed to strains of kumbaya.

         “In reality (it’s always droll when a Democrat talks about reality), there are a tiny number of people (infinitesimal, actually) worldwide who have embraced a radical theology and represent a threat to our democracy and Constitution. Some are Muslim. Some are of other faiths, including Christianity,” Burr assured readers

         I only wish there was a way to stop Judeo-Christian terrorists from hijacking airplanes and flying them into buildings and beheading hostages.

         Burr suffers from Rosie Syndrome. On a segment of “The View’ in 2006, in discussing 9/11, terrorism expert Rosie O’Donnell opined, “Radical Christianity is just as threatening as radical Islam in a country like America where we have separation of church and state.” Clearly, advocating public display of the Ten Commandments is on par with committing mass murder.

         That Muslims are maligned and persecuted by a vast anti-Islam conspiracy has become an article of faith for the left.

         In April, at a terrorism hearing of the New York Legislature, Brooklyn Democratic Senator Eric Adams, waving a copy of the Koran, accused Committee Chairman Republican Senator Gregory R. Ball of bringing “hate and poison” into the hearings by asking Nonie Darwish to testify. Darwish is the author of “Now They Call Me Infidel: Why I Renounced Jihad for America, Israel and the War on Terror.”

         Apparently, Adams understands the Koran far better than Egyptian-born Darwish, an ex-Moslem who’s read it in the original Arabic.

         According to tolerance-mongers, we Islamophobes are bigotry personified: slandering a gentle creed and stigmatizing the faithful – heedless of the Constitution, Declaration of Independence or Articles of Confederation.

         Perhaps, but let me tell you what we don’t do: We don’t murder NEA-donors in response to “Piss Christ.” We don’t attempt to storm the cockpit of a 747 shouting “Jesus loves you!” or “Hear ‘O Israel.” There are no recorded cases of Baptist preachers arrested for funding foreign terrorists. Rabbis aren’t nabbed for conspiring to blow up anyone’s house of worship. We don’t gang-rape reporters because we believe God has given us leave to vent our lust on infidel women. We don’t kill our daughters for wearing tight jeans and smoking. Oh, and Christian mobs don’t murder members of other faiths for real or imagined offenses.

         Not so for devotees of the religion of rest-in-peace. The following all transpired in the past three weeks:
•    Shouting “Allahu akbar’ at the top of his lungs 30 times, a Yemeni man rushed the cockpit door of American Airlines Flight 1561. It took at least four men to restrain and subdue him. Last Wednesday, a San Francisco judge denied bail to Rageh Ahmed Mohammed al-Murisi. The Christmas day underwear bomber, the British-born Muslims who plotted to bring down several trans-Atlantic flights in 2006 – not to mention the 9/11 hijackers. Is it not passing strange that all are/were Muslims? Must be a coincidence. To suggest otherwise would be hateful and unconstitutional.

 •    In New York City, Ahmed Ferhani and Mohammad Mamdouh were arraigned on charges of conspiring to blow up a Manhattan synagogue and the Empire State Building (because it looked Jewish?). According to the indictment, the Algerian and Moroccan bought three semi-automatic handguns, a grenade and 100 rounds of ammo from undercover police officers. New York Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said Ferhani and Mamdouh had expressed a keen interest in killing Jews. If the incident is brought up at a terrorism hearing of the New York legislature, I hope no one alludes to their religion, for that would be hateful and poisonous. Commenting on the case, Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr., said Ferhani “was committed to violent jihad and his plans became bigger and more violent with each passing week.” Apparently, Vance didn’t get the White House/DHS memo that “jihad” (violent or otherwise) is never to be used in the same sentence as “terrorism,” which would imply a Koranic connection to the slaughter of innocents.

•    In South Florida, six men were indicted on charges of providing financial and material support to the Pakistani Taliban. FOX News reported the defendants were charged with subsidizing “a conspiracy to murder, maim and kidnap persons overseas.” The six included Hafiz Khan, imam at Miami’s Flagler Mosque, and his son, Izhar Khan, imam of the Jamaat al-Mu’mineen Mosque in Margate Florida. Said imams (along with a few hundred million others in Saudi Arabia, Gaza, Iraq, Indonesia, Pakistan, Afghanistan and other istans, etc.) are “part of a tiny number of people worldwide who have embraced a radical theology.” What was it John Adams said about facts being stubborn things? Not for Democrats!

•    In Cairo, seekers after democracy and human rights set fire to two churches. In the latest spasm of violence against Coptic Christians, 12 were killed and over 200 injured. It was alleged the churches were harboring a Christian woman who had converted to Islam but wanted to resume her former faith – a capital offense in Muslim countries. (Whacking apostates is a practice widely defended by Moslem authorities in the United States.) The case was concocted, but, no matter, there’s always an excuse: a Christian man is trying to date a Muslim woman, or a Christian woman crossed the street in front of a group of Muslim men at prayer, or medical missionaries were trying to convert Muslims, or Christians are using the blood of Muslim children to bake baklava. I don’t recall the supposed provocation that led to the January 1st bombing of a Coptic church in Alexandria, in which 23 Copts were murdered. On the bright side, at least the murder and mayhem aren’t the work of outside agitators. In Muslim countries, there’s never a shortage of homegrown demagogues demanding infidel blood.

•    In Nigeria’s Bauchi State, Muslims attacked several Christian homes in the village of Krum, killing 17, including the wife and three children of a pastor. Anti-Christian violence has escalated since a number of northern Nigerian states adopted Sharia law. (Is reporting this another example of what Dr. Burr would call Sharia scaremongering?) Since the Christian incumbent defeated his Muslim opponent in Nigeria’s April 16 presidential election, upwards of 40,000 Christians have been displaced by violence.

•    In Italy, Pakistani immigrant Mohammed Saleem, who claimed he was “saving the family’s honor,” slit his daughter Hina’s throat 28 times. With the help of his extended family, Saleem buried his daughter’s body in his backyard. “I didn’t want to kill her. I wanted her to come back home,” Saleem says. (“She ran into my knife with her throat – she ran into it 28 times.”). The brazen hussy refused an arranged marriage, smoked and took up with an Italian boyfriend. For Muslims who move to civilized climes, it was an old story – “How ya gonna keep ‘em back in a burkah after they’ve seen Gucci?” The United Nations estimates that, worldwide, there may be as many as 5,000 “honor-killings” a year. It’s believed over 90% involve Muslims – who clearly misunderstand the tenets of their pacific creed.

•    Closer to home, in Warren, Michigan, Muslim immigrant Rahim Alfetlawi was charged with the murder of his 20-year-old stepdaughter, Jessica Mokedad, another runaway slave. Living with her grandmother, Jessica said that for the first time in her life she had friends and freedom. For this, her stepfather shot her to death. Cairo’s Al-Azhar University, citadel of Sunni orthodoxy, says one may not retaliate against “a mother or father (or their fathers or mothers) for killing their offspring or offspring’s offspring.” Sorry, Partner, but it’s the law of the Sharia.

         Geert Wilders is one gutsy guy. The Dutch M.P., leader of the nation’s third largest party, travels with bodyguards and never sleeps in the same house two nights in a row.

         According to a commentary in the Canadian National Post, “The real Geert Wilders speaks softly and thoughtfully. It turns out that he’s traveled to dozens of Muslim nations. He knows more about the Islamic faith and what it means to ordinary people than do most of Islam’s most ardent Western defenders.”

         Wilders believes that while there are moderate Muslims, there is no moderate Islam. In this, he echoes Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan: “There is not moderate or immoderate Islam. Islam is Islam, and that’s it.”

         In one of his Nashville appearances, at the Cornerstone Church, Wilders warned: “Islam is dangerous. Islam wants to establish a (religious) state on earth, ruled by Islamic Sharia law. Islam aims for the submission, whether by persuasion, intimidation or violence, of all non-Muslims, including Christians.”

         Wilders told Tennesseans he came with a message: “Islam is at your gate. Do not make the mistake which Europe made. Do not allow Islam to gain a foothold here.”

         If Islam is at our gate, Dr. Burr and his cohorts are standing just outside the gate, with their heads embedded firmly in the sand.

Don Feder is a former Boston Herald writer who is now a political/communications consultant. He also maintains his own website,