We've Never Been More Divided The Real America vs. The United States Of Hillary
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By Don Feder
August 28, 2017

       Last week, the president called on us to unite around our common values. The problem is, we have none.

       Americans are more deeply divided today than at any time in our history, including during the Revolution, before the Civil War and during the war in Vietnam.

       In a 2016 Gallup Poll, just 52% of those surveyed said they were "extremely proud to be Americans" the lowest since Gallup began asking the question. Only 36% of liberals and 34% of Millennials were gung-ho for the Land of the Free.

       A Harvard University survey found that 51% of Millennials reject capitalism (probably because they have only a nodding acquaintance with the 9-to-5 world) and 33% support socialism a system whose hallmarks are shortages, stagnation and loss of personal freedom a system that's failed spectacularly everywhere it's been tried. A few weeks in Caracas might dispel their illusions.

       Name the issue, and you'll find deep divisions between what I like to call the Real America and the United States of Hillary. It's common sense and objectivity on one side, versus the products of indoctrination by the news media, Hollywood, academia and public education on the other.

       Here are 10 crucial issues where the two Americas stare at each other across a yawning chasm.

       1. Immigration The Real America sees this as a matter of national security and unity. There's no way to vet those entering the country illegally. Infiltrators include criminals, gang members, terrorists and alms- seekers. Our survival as a free people depends on our ability to secure our borders including building the Wall. Ronald Reagan once observed, "A nation that cannot control its borders is not a nation."

       This America sees politicians of both parties selling us out for political expediency, identity politics and plain old gutlessness.

       The United States of Hillary thinks borders are mean that instead of a wall, we should place a gigantic welcome mat on our southern border. It resolutely refuses to distinguish between those who came here lawfully and illegal aliens. It prefers euphemisms like "undocumented workers" and "undocumented immigrants." It's all about amnesty, sanctuary cities and what it calls "comprehensive immigration reform" (code words for amnesty). It's is an ideology that puts innocents in body-bags.

       It's not just misguided altruism. The left sees these uninvited guests as a political bonanza: They don't speak English, have no stake in America and are easily manipulated in other words, the perfect Democratic voters. They helped turn California once a purple state into Cloud Cuckooland, presided over by the head booby in the hatch.

       2. English The Real America says it's our common tongue (the language of the Declaration of Independence, Constitution and every law passed by Congress). It's the glue that holds a diverse people together. If we can't communicate with each other, we'll end up fighting each other.

       Learning English is the least we should ask of immigrants.

       The United States of Hillary is into bilingualism (including bi-lingual education, bi-lingual ballots and court interpreters) and press-one-for-English. It finds language fragmentation charming and thinks English-only is chauvinistic.

       3. Faith as the Foundation of the Republic The Real America knows that this nation was founded by men of faith the Pilgrims, Puritans and Quakers among them. The Founding Fathers wrote in the Declaration of Independence that all men are "endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights." In the darkest days of the Civil War, Lincoln predicted that "this nation under God will have a new birth of freedom." This America believes the 10 Commandments are part of our heritage and finds comfort in public expressions of faith.

       The United States of Hillary thinks that first comes prayer at high school football games, then theocracy. It finds religion backward and a hindrance to social progress. The only exception to its disdain for religion is Islam, on which it positively dotes.

       4. Freedom of Speech The Real America believes that the right to freely express one's views, without fear of reprisal, is one of the things Americans fought and died for. Without free speech, the truth must be lost.

       The United States of Hillary believes in hate-crimes laws, speech codes, trigger-words and mini-aggressions. Its student storm troopers riot to prevent conservatives from speaking on campus, while Antifa attacks free-speech rallies. It believes that some ideas are so offensive to certain groups (women and minorities in particular) that their expression is a form of aggression.

       5. War and Peace The Real America believes that freedom is worth any price, but that intervention must be based on America's just national interests and in response to a clear and present danger.

       The United States of Hillary believes that America has no enemies abroad, that perception of foreign foes is paranoid, and that all conflict is based on misunderstandings that can be resolved by negotiations. Iran is building nuclear weapons? Negotiate. Kim Jong Un is developing delivery systems capable of reaching the United States? Negotiate. Abbas sends Allah's hitmen into Israel to slaughter Jewish women and children? Negotiate. This childlike faith in the power of palaver ignores the record of negotiating with totalitarians from Munich to the Paris Peace Accords to the Obama/Kerry Iran debacle.

       6. Guns and Crime The Real America believes in the basic right to self-defense, guaranteed by the Second Amendment. It believes that criminals cause crime (a no-brainer). It's not interested in root causes. It wants to protect the innocent by punishing the guilty. It knows that tyrannies always begin by confiscating privately-held firearms, and takes comfort in the knowledge that there are hundreds of millions of guns in private hands in America.

       The United States of Hillary thinks that what it calls "easy access" to firearms causes crime. It sees no legitimate need for individual ownership. It ignores the fact that a city like Chicago has both the highest crime rates and the strictest gun laws.

       7. Race The Real America believes in Martin Luther King's dream of a country where individuals are judged by the content of their character, not the color of their skin. It thinks "white privilege" is an excuse for reverse discrimination.

       The United States of Hillary believes devoutly in white privilege that whatever their economic status or life experience, whites have an innate advantage for which they must perpetually atone. It also believes that only Caucasians can be racists. Minorities are eternal victims and whites especially white males are eternal aggressors. It also believes that police shootings of young, black men amount to extrajudicial execution, regardless of the circumstances.

       8. The Role of Government The Real America knows that government can't create wealth, only take it. It's suspicious of new programs. It sees the failure of government intervention at every turn. It worries about the national debt and the effects of taxation on productivity.

       The United States of Hillary feels about government the way a Baptist preacher feels about Jesus for them, it's the source of salvation and blessings. It worries endlessly about unmet needs and opportunities to expand government to infinity and beyond not being taken. This despite the manifest failure of government, from the Postal Service to Obamacare.

       9. Wealth The Real America understands that the wealthy spend, start businesses and create jobs. It's not envious; it's appreciative. It knows that taxes on the rich (however they are defined) hurt the middle class.

       The United States of Hillary believes wealth is based on theft except for George Soros and the Clintons. It wants to punish the rich just because they're rich, even if it hurts the country in the process.

       10. The Sexual Revolution The Real America views this with deep foreboding. It believes that the rise of extra-marital sex, pornography, out-of-wedlock births and sexual minorities tears at the social fabric. It does not want the aberrant to become the norm. It sees marriage properly understood as the bulwark of civilization.

       The United States of Hillary believes that normalcy is oppressive that the "rights" which derive from bedroom behavior supersede all others. It believes that not only do individuals have an absolute right to do as they wish sexually, but that those who find said behavior abhorrent have an duty to accept it anyway, and that even a murmur of disapproval is vile bigotry which should be punished severely.

       Donald Trump may be president thanks to Divine Providence and the Electoral College but a majority of voters opted for the United States of Hillary in the last election, whether consciously or not.

       Presidents are expected to utter ritualistic calls for unity around that which supposedly binds us. But, Mr. Trump, the veterans you spoke to last week, active-duty military personnel, police and Middle America generally have nothing in common with Antifa, Black Lives Matter, the DNC, CNN, The New York Times and company. To pretend otherwise is a flight from reality.

Don Feder is a former Boston Herald writer who is now a political/communications consultant. He also maintains a Facebook page.

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